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Graham is a world-renowned speaker focused on doubling your business, by asking for referrals from your clients and network.
He has delivered over 1OOO talks in the UK, Europe & the United States.
He has spoken to private bankers, accountants, lawyers, consultants, salespeople, charities.
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The techniques learnt are now being actively applied by the team out in the field. I cannot recommend this session highly enough.

Former Head of Business Development Seven Investment Management

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Graham Eisner

The Seven Step Process to double your business

From preparation before the meeting and identifying the ‘bridge line’ to qualifying the referral and managing the response, each step is supported by worksheets and summaries to help you put the principles into action today, so that you can start growing your sales and your business immediately.

What is Just Ask! about?

What others say about the book "Just Ask"

Graham was one of the best I’ve seen at asking for referrals. Just Ask! is a testament to his excellent work. I recommend this book to any business that wants to grow by asking for referrals.

Tucker York Goldman Sachs: Global Co-head of Consumer and Wealth Management 

Just Ask! is an apt and appropriate title. This is a book that all salespeople should own. If you want more high-quality clients, try asking for referrals. This excellent guide will show you how.

Brett Lankester Former CEO, London, Union Bancaire Privee 

As Graham says ‘Referrals are a hidden gem’ and here are the tips, techniques and strategies for you to get more business. An excellent book.

Philip Hesketh Best Selling Author, World Authority on Influence and Persuasion

This is an excellent book on an important topic, and I highly recommend it for entrepreneurs, sales executives, and others interested in building a business

Philip Anderson Insead: Professor of Entrepreneurship

I wish I’d had this book 20 years ago! Relationships have always been at the heart of my psychology business; but asking for referrals has never been. Just Ask! is one of those rare books that highlights a gap that is bleeding obvious after you’ve read it. You will find yourself thinking ‘So true’ frequently, but right at the point when you start beating your self up, Just Ask! gently and clearly builds your confidence and excitement to start asking.

Tony Crabbe International Best Selling Author Business Psychologist


Graham Eisner has spent 30 years understanding the mindset and methods behind asking for referrals.

His seven-step plan helps sales professionals understand their own reluctance, change their mindset, and apply practical techniques so they can ask in a way that’s both natural and effective.

Graham became one of Goldman Sachs’ most successful sales professionals by developing a powerful referrals methodology, and he now teaches his system to clients worldwide, including Barclays, Julius Baer and Deutsche Bank as well as smaller businesses.

Just Ask!

The fastest, easiest, most sustainable way to bring in new clients and grow sales is to ask for referrals from existing clients.

And yet most sales people don’t ask, or if they do, they end up making themselves and their client feel awkward.

Just Ask! Program

One hour workshop followed by half an hour intense one on one coaching on the day of your client meeting, to increase your chances by 100 percent of successfully receiving the referral.

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I transform the ability of sales people to bring in new business through client referrals.
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